From July 27 to 29, the special edition of Colombiatex + Colombiamoda, 2021 organized by Inexmoda, marked the return to presence in the events of the region since the beginning of the pandemic in the first quarter of 2020.

Colombiatex and Colombiamoda, which until this year were always held independently, came together as a way to adapt to the new rules of the game and contribute to the reactivation of the fashion sector. “Today we close the special edition of Colombiatex + Colombiamoda 2021, where we once again meet to promote the Fashion System, applaud its resilience and celebrate its future. It took three days to show that the Fashion System is more alive than ever and that it is an industry on the rise thanks to the tenacity of the entrepreneurs who lead it. The figures are conclusive and with deep satisfaction, we see how spending on Fashion between January and June 2021 grew 26 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, figures that show a dynamic sector and in accelerated recovery. This special edition showed the firm conviction of businessmen to come together to look for new opportunities, to try and continue their path of growth and prosperity ”, said Carlos Eduardo Botero, executive president of Inexmoda.

According to data released by the organization, some 20,000 people physically visited the event. On its digital platform, another of the fair's channels, there were about 60 thousand reproductions in the fashion and knowledge axes.

The commercial sample consisted of 400 exhibitors, who actively participated physically and digitally along with 7 thousand buyers. Until August 6, the Virtual Business Platform will be active in which 1600 business appointments have been made. "The two great events of Inexmoda became great accelerators of the safe economic reactivation in exports for the fashion sector, and proof of this is that, between purchases in place and expectations of future sales, a partial amount was reached of 10.7 million dollars, by the more than 390 buyers from 26 countries that we invited from ProColombia. The United States, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Ecuador were the countries that made the most purchases and the products most desired by buyers were sportswear, girdles and control clothing, swimwear and underwear, thanks to qualities such as quality, unique designs , innovation, technology and sustainability ”explained Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

"Fashion returned to the physical catwalks and was democratized with virtuality," they announced in a statement. The 10 face-to-face parades that were presented gathered about 7 thousand attendees. In addition to the inaugural catwalk, headed by Diego Guarnizo, the program featured designers and brands such as Beatriz Camacho together with the technology firm vivo, Éxito y Artesanías de Colombia with MAZ, and Socarrás with Coca-Cola, among others.


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