Grupo Éxito, through its Arkitect brand, presents a new collaboration. On this occasion, it is an alliance with the Colombian designer Eugenia Fernández whose proposal is already available at the chain's points of sale.

Faced with the imminent celebration of Mothers' Day in Colombia, the brand and the designer are presenting a proposal for mothers and daughters inspired by the renewing force of nature, according to a statement and adds: "The fruits, the sea, the animals , the palm trees and the earth, are some of the elements that inspired the emerging sincelejana designer Eugenia Fernández, in the creation of her recent collection for Arkitect, Grupo Éxito's own textile brand ”.

In its constant commitment to achieve a democratization of fashion, Arkitect pays tribute to women and the multiplicity of tasks and roles that they take daily from their place of mothers, daughters and workers. The collection was made entirely in Colombia by the hand of more than 1000 people. Among them, more than 700 women, mostly mothers head of the family, located in the department of Antioquia in the municipalities of Envigado, Medellín, Itagüí, Bello, Don Matías, Santa Rosa and La Estrella.

“By supporting local businesses, we are supporting the local economy. By uniting in favor of local manufacturing, some promoting and some buying, we can all help keep Colombian producers and manufacturers afloat. Similarly, local design is increasingly directed towards the use of materials native to our land, which makes buying products in the regions a sustainable option ”, says designer Eugenia Fernández.

It is not the first time that Grupo Éxito has collaborated with designers through its own brands. Such is the case of Arkitect with Custo Barcelona, ​​in 2018 or Esteban Cortazar with Taeq, among others.


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