The new timeless wardrobe from one of the fashion brands, the Italian brand Bottega Veneta, adds vibrant colors, classic shapes and eye-catching materials to our must-haves for the new summer trends.

Bottega Veneta's new pre-fall 2021 collection has been christened Wardrobe 02 with the intention of filling our wardrobe in a timeless way with the help of contemporary pieces.

The purpose of Bottega Veneta is to inspire us to achieve a wardrobe of essential pieces and in a modern style. Its straight and formal shapes are combined with the cheerful colors of the season and with bright fabrics that add a modern and cheerful touch to our wardrobe.

Thus, adding the possibility of combining a basic garment with another extravagant piece for any type of occasion in which we want to break the monotony. Mixing dark colors, such as those that predominate in the collection, and loaded and vivid colors that stand out in monochromatic looks, some with bright and grid details.

The accessories that stand out in Wardrobe 02 add a vibrant touch to the collection along with the creativity of the new shapes and materials used, both in bags and footwear, without forgetting the signature braid.

Boots with oversized XXL soles, pumps with colorful rhinestones and square toe, wellies in bright colors and platform clogs. Their bags include feathers and wide chains, beads and braided fabrics.



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