With more than two decades of experience in the world of fashion, Colombian designer Adriana Fernández is in the process of expanding her brand. With the pandemic, he decided that it was time to find new markets and, although he had already had experience in Central America, he decided to join the Latin public in the United States, which is gradually approaching his proposal.

During her last trip to Miami, she presented “Eterna Primavera”, a particularly fresh and light-toned collection dedicated to women living in tropical environments. FashionUnited had the opportunity to talk with her about the landing of her brand in the United States, the growth of Colombian fashion and her next plans.

Why did you decide to bring your signature to the United States?

Colombia was closed for a long time due to the pandemic and then the difficult social, political and economic situation was added. In addition, an electoral year is coming in which the panorama looks complicated. So as a result of that and the fact that I see that through my website I reach more and more clients from outside, we have been gaining strength. I had already come to the Stich Lab event before the pandemic and I got several clients from Central America, the Caribbean and some from the United States, obviously Latinos because that is my market here and you can see that in clothes.

Is it the first time that you sell in the United States?

No, about 10 years ago I had a showroom in New York and I went to fairs in the region, but due to health problems I decided to close everything outside and stay only with Colombia. All that time we were fine with what we had, but the pandemic woke us up. Before I showed up at Stich Lab, I already had two clients in Miami who were doing very well and that made me realize the opportunity I could have.

In addition, you have a presence in other countries ...

Yes, mainly in Central America. I sell in Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

In Colombia, how do you market?

In Colombia I sell in three ways: one, in multi-brand boutiques. I try to be in the best of each city, we are in Cali, Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cartagena and so in each city there is someone who represents me. In Medellín I have my own warehouse and I also have a website with e-commerce.

Do you work with female heads of household?

Yes, I don't have my own plant and since I use different types of fabric, the machines we need are different. So I work with ladies who make from home, they have been with me for many years and are in charge of sustaining their homes. We produce everything in Colombia.

How do you put together your proposals?

Before the pandemic, I built two large collections, one per season, but with the pandemic, people are more short-term, they don't know what will happen. So I am doing 4 capsules per year. In general design for women between 30 and 55 years old. I am interested in that the garments serve them to wear throughout the day in various situations.

With so many years in the industry, how do you see Colombian fashion?

Every time I see Colombian fashion further. There are designers who have become very well known and have opened many doors. There are very expensive Colombian clothes abroad, with a presence in the best boutiques in the world. Before Colombia was drugs and Pablo Escobar and today it is J.Balvin, music, sports and fashion. The image has changed a lot because there are very outstanding people in these disciplines.

What are your next plans?

I will be presenting my new proposal "Origen" in Colombia and I will do some trunk shows in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Also, at the end of October I will be at the Vogue Fashion Corner in Miami and at the next edition of Stich Lab.



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