Her image was featured on the cover of Vogue Italia and on an inside page of the September special issue dedicated to the global campaign 'Black lives matter'. Thus she became the first Afro-Colombian model to be on the cover of the prestigious fashion magazine.

Last August it had already appeared in this same publication. It was the image of the video-cover of the new digital edition of the magazine and of the printed edition, in which "100 Stories, 100 Characters" that have an impact on the fashion industry were highlighted. Out of a hundred guests they chose only 20 to make, with each one, an audiovisual product. There, she draws attention for her modeling poses and her dancing qualities… she looks fresh, relaxed, smiling.

The achievements in the modeling world of Elaine Palacio Mosquera, a tall 18-year-old girl born in Puerto Boyacá, Boyacá, to Chocoan grandparents, are enviable: she has been on the catwalks of Fashion Week in New York, Paris and Milan ; She is a Victoria’s Secret catalog model (she had previously been one of her Pink line, the youngest). She has worn haute couture needle pieces such as Alexander Wang, Jonathan Queen, Victoria Hells, Anna Connor ...

In addition, the famous British fashion house Burberry chose it as its image; participated in the Reebok campaign that will be launched soon; He has worked with famous photographers and stylists such as Italian photographer Mario Sorrenti (he took the photo from Shakira's ‘Fixation’ 1 album). And as if that were not enough, as Elaine says, excited from New York, where she resides, “something supremely big is coming that I did not expect. It's going to be another 'boom' ”. That, yes, he warns, he cannot advance anything else, "it is a surprise."

She acknowledges that Vogue Italia opened doors for her “in fashion” and that it was a pride for her to pose for this magazine, since she never thought she would have this achievement so quickly, “because many models must have a great career to reach a Vogue, a Metropolitan or another of the biggest fashion magazines in the world ”.



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