Sustainable fashion, inspiration from country life and minimalist aesthetics are some of the trends.

After a year of changes due to the covid-19 pandemic, fashion also reinvented itself. A boom for sustainability and country style are the trends that set this spring-summer season.

Minimalist aesthetics, sustainable fashion, ‘fashion films’, puffed sleeves and inspiration from nature and the countryside are the trends. The color palette is defined by the colors of the year that the Pantone Institute marked at the beginning of 2021, gray and bright yellow.

Sustainable fashion

The year of the pandemic also forced fashion to reinvent itself, given changes and society's demand for environmental awareness. That is why sustainable fashion is being the flag this year, contrary to the pre-covid consumer dynamic.

Sustainable awareness and respect for the environment is the reason why the concept of circular fashion emerges and garment designs are once again focused on quality, extending the durability of clothing.

Catwalks for ‘Fashion films’

Although 2021 has given hope of being a year marked by the 'new normal' and there have already been several catwalks with face-to-face shows such as Paris Fashion Week that took place from March 1 to 10, or the Bogotá Fashion Gallery that closed This March 27, the digital format is here to stay and the 'fashion films', that is to say, fashion shorts to present the new proposals of the brands, will continue in trend this year.

Trend: ‘cottagecore’

Finally, 'cottagecore' is the trend that is sweeping this 2021. The term means in Spanish 'country house' and it is about garments inspired by country life, using flower or plaid prints, natural fabrics and hand seams, with a romantic air and in pastel tones. The aesthetic sense in this trend is one of reconciliation with nature.
The pandemic and the year of reflection triggered this trend initially through the internet, inspiring not only fashion but also painting, photography and gastronomy.

As the spring-summer 2021 season progresses, the fashion industry advances brushstrokes of what will be a trend in the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season, although the outlook is uncertain and will depend on what happens with the pandemic, the brands are betting on a middle ground between functionality and evasion.


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