MNG presented changes in collections based on new consumer habits and trends that arrived.

As if it were a black and white film, dark colors were always present in the clothes to go to the office.

But now, in addition to certain garments that are being left behind due to the increase in teleworking, or the comfort that some sought during closings in the midst of the pandemic, colors also go through a moment of evolution and constant change.

Mango (MNG) precisely announced novelties in the designs for the new seasons that arrive, after realizing in its clothing houses that the demand and trend changed. At the regional level, the Spanish brand explained that in Colombia, for example, they will be dedicated to collections of a transition between two seasons that mix the natural tones of the earth: terracotta, camel and beige with pastel, acid tones and psychedelic prints; that manage to blur between the bohemian and the Mediterranean essence. This, shown not only in garments that evoke the formal wardrobe, but also the one that is much quieter.

And it is that the new MNG collection concentrates precisely on the mixture of style for work and going out of the day in feminine and masculine use. Likewise, the proposal tends towards natural materials such as raffia and jute that can be seen in purses, handbags and footwear; more sustainable fashion.


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