According to Carlos Eduardo Botero, executive president of Inexmoda, in the three days of the fair it was “demonstrated that the sector is more alive than ever”. It is estimated that the partial export amount amounted to 10.7 million dollars, between the meetings in which 400 businessmen and more than 7,000 buyers participated.

“This is a space for entrepreneurship and I dare say that it has an orange economy. And although many people in the world talk about artificial intelligence, which is a reality of the fourth revolution, the truth is that there is no artificial talent and in no way are we going to take away from designers and producers what they have sown for years, "he said. the president of Colombia, Iván Duque in his speech.

He also made reference to the contribution of the National Government to support the industry, with programs from which the sector benefited, such as the Formal Employment Support Program, in which it subsidized activities by 40% and 50%; and the credit lines of the National Guarantee Fund.

And he expressed that “from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism we have reached agreements with the Abudabí Fund, which will be reflected in direct support to the sector. And Minister Ximena Lombana is working so that together with Inexmoda so that we can reach the entire sector ”.

Between January and June of this year, Colombians have spent 13 billion pesos in fashion, which represents 4 percent over 2019, the date prior to the arrival of the virus in the country; and 26 percent above 2020, according to information from Inexmoda.

“But there is something in this sector that we have to overcome and it is the phenomenon of smuggling. This week I read that one out of three garments circulating in commerce in the country are contraband. And today I want to say that this year we are going to make the greatest crusade against this scourge, ”added Duque.

Finally, it is noteworthy that in terms of foreign trade, Procolombia reported that in the first five months of the year apparel exports registered a growth of 55.2 percent, driven by sales to the United States, Ecuador, Peru, Chile , Costa Rica and Mexico.


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