‘Leggings’ + sandals: this is the ‘look’ that is gaining ground (again) in ‘street style’

‘Leggings’ + sandals: this is the ‘look’ that is gaining ground (again) in ‘street style’

Joining leggings and sandals may sound like one of those contradictions that are so popular on paper but so hard to put into practice: despite the fact that athleisure has done a lot to extend the life of sportswear and maximize the chances of In any wardrobe, executing those looks on a day-to-day basis with enough confidence to be convincing is another story. Even so, the passage of time and street style have left enough clues on how to decontextualize sports so that the eye gets used to it and the dose of value required is lower. And that is precisely what can be seen in some outfits seen in Sydney.

The Australian city is serving as a backdrop, once again, for different brands that are presenting their proposals for 2022. Also for street style images that remind us of other times and that allow us to shed some micro-trends that can be put into practice right now, like the aforementioned mix of leggings and sandals. Because if until now these leggings had made an appearance together with sneakers, clogs and of course moccasins, the arrival of heat makes the shoe open and the juxtaposition of opposites takes over the set: the contrast between the length of the leggings and the bareness of the sandals creates a hypnotic tension.

Although the comfort that has dominated the looks with tights has until now been extended to the shoes, the sandals seen in Sydney are far from those classic coordinates: they are thin straps and with a medium heel, in a reminder that the Naked sandals are a summer staple. Of course, the idea that they are the same color as the leggings is a styling trick that is worth remembering: by avoiding as much as possible to create very different color blocks, which would generate cuts, the silhouette is visually lengthened. About the benefits of the color black and how it is a safe territory, it has already been spoken at length (and who does not want more guarantees when experimenting with their look?).

To finish, there is another aesthetic maxim that seems to dominate this type of look and that is to choose an upper part that highlights the shoulders, either through shoulder pads, or through a pattern that highlights the area. In this way, a contrast is generated between the width of the jacket or top and the tightness of the leggings, one that will be appeased (and will be more coherent) thanks to the neutral tones.


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