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Levi's sends message of inclusion in pride month defending diverse pronouns

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The jeans brand vindicates diversity and inclusion with its new campaign

The fashion company, on the occasion of pride month, launched its campaign ‘Pride 2021: All pronouns. Todo el amor ’, which seeks to represent the values ​​of diversity, visibility and inclusion and show what they called“ The unbreakable union between fashion and the Lgbtttqia + community ”.

The strategy seeks to highlight that the pronouns "he" and "she" do not fit all people, since there are those who identify as non-binary or gender fluid, who do not feel satisfied with these words. For this reason, the Levi’s company believes that including pronouns according to the identity of each person is a way of telling them “I see you for who you are and I respect you for that”.

Additionally, 2021 will already be the third consecutive year, in which the company for each worldwide purchase made by its customers, will donate 100% of the net income to the OutRight Action International organization, which defends and promotes rights of the community around the world.
The company already has a history of supporting these people, since the 90's it offered health services for homosexual couples. Then, in 2008, Levi’s ruled against the ban on same-sex marriage, which had been enacted in California.

In this way, the company shows its support and solidarity with the lgbtiq community and symbolically hung white ribbons on the mannequins in its stores. Then in 2013 he took legal action and requested the revocation of the Defense of Marriage Act to the Supreme Court of the United States, which helped make the approval of equal marriage possible.


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