With an eye on this task, we bring you three of the trends that will set this holiday season: Beach, breeze and sea! They are waiting for us.

A review of the essentials of the coming months and the fashion trends that will triumph for sunny days.

1. Millennial Pink: everything in pink!

Summer arrives full of life and cheerful colors, among which pink stands out. This was anticipated by the SS 2021 shows and confirmed by the figures: with more than 500 mentions and 50 news about pink in fashion last April on Google Trends. According to the Pantone Color Institute, this has been positioned as the color of good weather for inspiring originality and creativity. And more specifically, the Raspberry Sorbet stands out, or raspberry sorbet in Spanish.

2. Fishnet Alert: more crochet and less cotton

Crochet or crochet gives way to cotton, linen or silk to become the fabric of summer, not only on the streets but also on social networks. The triumph of this trend responds to its versatility, being able to be used to make any garment or accessory, but also to the rise of the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement during confinement. With the summer, the craftsmanship and the know-how of the grandmothers is put in value through bikinis, crop tops and even shopper bags.

3. Comfort Zone: shorts day and night

Oversized knee-length shorts are the new shorts. In a context where comfort prevails, this garment promises to become a staple. A twist on the shorts, which now gain in length and style.

Specifically, there are 4 ways to wear shorts like an insider: second-skin, as part of a two-piece suit, articulating a one-color look or adhering to the ‘urban safari’ trend.


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