Sleeping is vital to our health and our state of mind. Practically every week new research confirmed it. So it's no wonder we've spent a good chunk of our time choosing our pillows, sheets, eye masks, lavender balms, white noise machines, and everything else we need to promote a restful night.

What's next in our search to sleep better in 2020? Pajamas, of course. Whether you like sleeping hot or cold, hard to wake up, or even if you've never wondered what kind of sleeper you are, we've chosen some of our best highest-rated (and most stylish) pajamas. All of our selections are rated at least 5-star and come with hundreds (if not thousands) of positive reviews.



Nightgowns can be tricky. Choose one that is too big and you will feel weird. Choose one too short and you will never be able to use it comfortably in company. This one, extra soft fabric and perfect nightgown length, is Ruufe's most beloved. It comes in not just a variety of colors (really every one you can think of), but stripes, the night sky, and more, too.



Women Short Sleeves Round Neck Tops Pants Pajamas Set Sleepwear

We love the simplicity of this pajama set. They are an especially good choice for "hot sleepers." A client who experienced night sweats during menopause reported that "the material instantly cooled my body ... allowing me to rest well. 


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