The Colombian company seeks to be an example of circular and sustainable fashion. Seven containers were used for each pair of shoes. Additionally, his factory works with one of the largest solar panel systems in Antioquia.

Shoes made with plastic bottles taken from the sea are the stars of Bosi's new collection, ‘BOSI Cares’. A striking and innovative proposal that includes the use of natural leather, free of chromium and other heavy metals, with which the Colombian multinational seeks to reduce its carbon footprint, contribute to the environment and raise awareness among its customers about the importance of reusing. and adopt more sustainable practices. Seven containers were used in each pair of shoes.

“The line was designed on the basis of timeless silhouettes that could survive all trends over time and this is just the beginning, because we want to continue producing in a responsible and sustainable way. We believe that the industry can contribute a lot to solving environmental problems and we want to help Medellín have a better environment, cleaner, pollution-free and with better CO2 indicators ”, says Clemencia Vélez, Bosi manager.



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