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ZUT, the sustainable Colombian firm that triumphs in Latin America, lands in Spain

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ZUT is a sustainable fashion firm from Colombia that began in the national market more than three decades ago and is now landing in Spain with Latin People in five exclusive stores in the Madrid capital.

The passion for elegance of two Colombian friends was what started the journey that ZUT has meant for both of them 30 years ago. The inspiration from then remains the same today: quality leather, suede and wool, which combine with the essence of Colombia for a classic, contemporary and elegant woman with high quality garments, among which her leather jackets and sweaters stand out. woolen. The brand works with these exquisite materials, making exclusive garments that set trends around the world.

The commitment to sustainability and social awareness is very important to ZUT. The firm has a monitoring program on the skins they use, since they come from the goats of the Wayuu indigenous tribe, whom they support to give good treatment and care to the animals. These skins are then worked in their workshops in Bogotá by artisans who have been serving the firm since its inception.

In addition, they have different groups of artisans: urban and indigenous communities. Both groups have knowledge inherited from generation to generation, working together to develop each of their designs.

The Emberá tribe carries out the traditional designs of the firm, thus betting on its commitment to support, invest and sustain local Colombian communities since its inception. The brand not only buys fashion, design and innovation, but also a sustainable relationship between ZUT, groups of artisans, the environment and its customers.

In order to extend their creativity and reach each of the audiences, in 2020 they began their commitment to men's fashion by launching a collection with jackets, raincoats in suede and fur, and handmade wool sweaters.

Since its participation in the Latin People Fair in Madrid in 2019, ZUT has worked together with this platform for its expansion in the European market. Currently, they are in 5 stores in Madrid and they hope to close this year with a presence in other cities in Spain such as Barcelona and Santander.

Latin People is a platform that seeks to publicize Latin American entrepreneurs in the European market, developing and promoting their brands and products through different spaces, moments and services in order to provide them with exposure and sales development.

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