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Figs with Caramel Spread ( Or moslty know as Brevas con arequipe) are a traditional dessert for Colombians. This dessert is the perfect complement to enjoy with the family. Also, the kids love it. For those who do not know them, figs have not matured in autumn, conserving themselves in their natural state on the wood during the winter.

In addition, they have important nutritional benefits, they provide high amounts of potassium, which favors muscle mass, regulates the nervous system and heart rate.

The package comes with 6 pieces.


Las brevas con arequipe son un postre tradicional para los colombianos. Este postre es el complemento perfecto para disfrutar en familia. Además, a los niños les encanta. Para quién no las conocen, las brevas son higos que no han llegado a madurar en otoño, conservándose en estado natural sobre la madera durante el inverno.

Además, poseen beneficios nutricionales importantes, aportan altas cantidades de potasio, lo que favorece a la masa muscular, regula el sistema nervioso y el ritmo cardiaco.

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