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Where to buy Colombian Candy?

Where to buy Colombian Candy?


The most delicious colombian products are here at The culinary richness of Colombia can also be tasted by purchasing the most iconic colombian snacks online here at the only colombian online store with the most varieties of Colomabin snacks. A whole range of colombian snacks, colombian products, dishes and preparations make Colombia's gastronomy one of the main attractions for locals and tourists who travel to every corner of the country.

On this occasion, we venture to take a delicious journey through this blog and we hope you take note because you are going to need it (lol).  Each recipe is unique and represents a tradition in Colombia regions.


Bocadillo is a sweet piece made from sugar and guava, it is one of the most representative sweets of Colombian gastronomy. It Originated in the municipality of Vélez (Santander). You can taste it with milk or enjoy an excellent combination with cheese. It is also used as an input for other sweet preparations such as the famous roscón or the delicious ripe banana with a bocadillo and melted cheese. You can get some of the most delicious bocadillos here at We have Bocadillo with Arequipe here or we have Bocadillo of guava covered with sugar here as well.


Its preparation consists of caramelizing the milk to obtain a sweet and thick mixture, which becomes the best ingredient for different desserts and cakes due to its pleasant flavor. It can be consumed alone, with bread, cheese, cookies, ice cream, among other dishes. It is also known as 'dulce de leche'. Here at, we have two different sizes of arequipe for you to choose. You can get it here


It is one of the most characteristic fruits of Colombian. It is usually an ingredient in sweet breads and cakes. As a dessert it is usually cooked and accompanied with arequipe. They can also be mixed with sugar to obtain an appetizing sweet fig. 

This dessert is the perfect complement to enjoy with the family. Also, the kids love it. For those who do not know them, figs have not matured in autumn, conserving themselves in their natural state on the wood during the winter.

In addition, they have important nutritional benefits, they provide high amounts of potassium, which favors muscle mass, regulates the nervous system and heart rate.

Here at one of the most well visted colombian grocery store, we have a package that comes with 6 pieces. You can get it here


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