Achiras del Huila 4.2oz or 120gr Pack of 3

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Achiras or bizcochos de achira are traditional Colombian crackers. They are made from Achira flour (native to the region) instead of wheat flour. Widely recognized in Huila as the Achiras del Huila or Bizcochos de Achira, they provide minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and high protein content and are gluten-free.

Its shape is elongated and cylindrical with a golden yellow colour, typical of good cooking. It melts slightly in your mouth with a crispy, soft and gritty texture, with a taste of milk.

The achira is also known as Saga or Chisgua in Colombia. They are consumed as food by the Chibchas in Colombia, but it is thought that their use has extended throughout the Andes due to commercial exchanges with other indigenous communities.